DEA Raids Car Dealership with Alleged Ties to Terrorist Group Hezbollah

Drug Enforcement Administration agents have raided an Oklahoma car dealership that the government suspects may be one of about 30 such businesses in the U.S. involved in funding the terrorist group Hezbollah.

DEA agents say the car lot of Ace Auto Leasing in Tulsa is part of a huge network that is selling cars and drugs -- and then using the money to support terrorism against the U.S., myfoxphoenix.com reports.

'Criminal' Marrakesh blast kills 14

RABAT (AFP) – A powerful blast killed 14 people and injured 20, including several tourists, in a cafe in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh on Thursday, authorities said, describing it as a "criminal act".
"The casualties include people of various nationalities and reports seem to indicate that it was a criminal act," an official said.
An interior ministry official confirmed the report and said an investigation was under way to shed more light on the blast which occurred on Jamaa El Fna Square, a favourite spot for foreign visitors, in central Marrakesh.
Earlier reports spoke of the accidental explosion of several gas canisters in the Argana cafe in the middle of the square.


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