'Criminal' Marrakesh blast kills 14

RABAT (AFP) – A powerful blast killed 14 people and injured 20, including several tourists, in a cafe in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh on Thursday, authorities said, describing it as a "criminal act".
"The casualties include people of various nationalities and reports seem to indicate that it was a criminal act," an official said.
An interior ministry official confirmed the report and said an investigation was under way to shed more light on the blast which occurred on Jamaa El Fna Square, a favourite spot for foreign visitors, in central Marrakesh.
Earlier reports spoke of the accidental explosion of several gas canisters in the Argana cafe in the middle of the square.

Crimes of the Syrian Regime - Izraa

Graphic amateur footage purportedly shows the aftermath of clashes between police and presumed demonstrators in the southern Syrian village of Izraa on Friday. In the footage a barrage of gunfire is heard before the camera tilts around to show people lying on the ground, many surrounded by pools of blood. Witnesses to the incident say police used live bullets to shoot at the crowd. Chaos and shouting follows the shooting, with severely wounded people being carried away from the scene by others.

Crimes of the Syrian Regime - Banias

Syrian regime thugs humiliating and torturing anti-Assad protesters in Banias, Syria.

Crimes of the Syrian Regime - Sanamain

Security forces of the Syrian regime massacre protesters in Sanamain, a village near Daraa.

Crimes of the Syrian Regime - Duma Child Torture

Syrian children from Duma tortured by the thugs of the Assad regime.


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