Civilians used as human shields by pro-Assad Syrian regime soldiers

استخدام الأهالي كدروع بشرية من قبل الجيش الأسدي في سقبا، غوطة دمشق
Pro-Assad Syrian regime soldiers used civilians as human shields in Saqba, a suburb of Damascua, the capital of Syria.

Hassan Jammal

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MP Fatfat: I’ll question the government on false passports issued by General Security to Hezbollah

MP Ahmad Fatfat, a member of the Future parliamentary bloc, revealed that he intends to question Lebanon’s government on the false Lebanese passports issued by the General Directorate of General Security, including those related to the issue of the Sami Shihab Hezbollah cell in Egypt and the other Lebanese arrested in Bahrain.
In an interview with MTV, Fatfat regretted that the government failed to take appropriate measures in this regard as Lebanese passports would lose their international credibility. He pointed out that the counterfeit passports include several backgrounds, including security and economic. Fatfat added: "If there was not a satisfactory response from the government on this subject, the opposition will transform it into parliamentary questioning and revocation of confidence in the Minister in charge.
Fatfat pointed out that the Minister of Interior and Municipalities Marwan Charbel is not responsible for this fraud because he was not running the ministry when the violations occurred. However, Fatfat requested that Charbel clarifies what happened in order to protect Lebanese travel documents.
Article source: Lebanon's MTV (Arabic)

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Syrian security forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad fire live ammunition on protesters in Homs, Syria, killing a child.


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