Crimes of the Syrian Regime - Sanamain

Security forces of the Syrian regime massacre protesters in Sanamain, a village near Daraa.

Crimes of the Syrian Regime - Duma Child Torture

Syrian children from Duma tortured by the thugs of the Assad regime.

Prisoner of Damascus

Although some argue that the demonstrations are religiously motivated, there is no indication that Islamists have played a major role in the recent protests, though many began in mosques. Believers praying in mosques are the only “gatherings” the government cannot disperse, and religious texts are the only “opinions” the government cannot suppress. Rather than Islamist slogans, the most prominent chant raised in the Rifai Mosque in Damascus on April 1 was “One, one, one, the Syrian people are one!” Syrians want freedom, and they are fully aware that it cannot be sown in the soil of fear, which Montesquieu deemed the fount of all tyranny. We know this better than anyone else.

The Hidden Side of Iran: Discrimination Against Ethnic and Religious Minorities


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